What the Pathfinder Society has to say about the region

Brevoy: Outlaw holdings among the River Kingdoms and the political chaos of Galt effectively block much of Brevoy from the machinations of the Pathfinder Society, but the mysterious disappearance of the nation’s ruling House Rogarvia and the isolation of the treasure-rich fortress of Skywatch a decade ago have inspired several recent expeditions to the region. Not all of the world’s secrets emerged thousands of years ago, and the situation in Brevoy presents a mystery involving suspects who may still be around to provide answers. An expedition led by the Pathfinder Garrion Keld in 4708 recovered a trio of magic longswords from a haunted battlefield in the dragonbreath-scorched Valley of Flame, and the pirate controlled Port Ice is a known market for smuggled goods from the far reaches of the Sellen River system, including plundered elven antiques from Sevenarches, lost treasures of Galt’s Red Revolution, and even the near-forgotten frigid magical secrets of ancient Iobaria.

River Kingdoms: The forests and plains of the central Sellen River system support dozens of independent kingdoms ruled by exiled nobles, bandit lords, and even ambitious monsters. Pathfinders traveling north along the River Road to Numeria, Mendev, Brevoy, and beyond must negotiate this complex and ever-changing landscape as a matter of course, but over the years many have chosen to step off the road and spend some time among the kinglets and petty dictators, for the constant churn of history and warfare here leaves many secrets hidden behind shifting borders and lands lost to the march of history. Given the general lawlessness of the region, the River Kingdoms have long served as central Avistan’s greatest black market, with stolen goods coming here from all over the continent. Elven ruins like the mysterious gateways of Sevenarches provide excellent fodder for the Chronicles, and the squabbling lords of kingdoms like Mivon, Lambreth, and Pitax often use Pathfinders as pawns against their rival lords. Most Society activity in the River Kingdoms is based out of Dryblade House in Daggermark, an imposing lodge managed by Venture-Captain Istivil Bosk, an elderly man with graying hair and a pinched, weathered face.

Recently the new Duchy of Magnamare has uncovered many secrets of past Taldan expeditions. The area is thought to be the resting place of several artefacts the society may be interested in. An honorary PFS member, Cheq Ing’ardhas been most useful in adding to the knowledge base. His work has also attratced the attention of Kitharodian Academy