Part 3 Hexes

The Full Map is located here:
Map of Stolen lands

By Hex: Part 3 Hexes 71-140

  • A [K] means it is claimed as part of the PC’s kingdom: Magnamare;
  • A [V] and purple text means it is part of the Barony of Varnhold, which was added to the Duchy in Sarenith 4713. [The 15 hexes of Varnhold listed here is believed to be comprehensive – DM to check please]
  • A [B] and orange text means it is part of Brevoy.
  • A [DC] and brown text means it is part of the Dunsward Centaur Lands
  • This is not complete and needs checking once the hexes are all referenced here

HEX 71

HEX 72 Fort Serenko [B]

HEX 73

HEX 74 Nivakta’s Crossing [B]

HEX 75

HEX 76 Restov [B]

HEX 77

HEX 78

HEX 79 Crooked Falls Grassland & River with Elk

HEX 80

HEX 81 Road & river [V]

HEX 82 Farmland & Road [V]

HEX 83 Farmland & Road [V] & Dunsward Centaur Lands [DC]

HEX 84 Dunsward Centaur Lands [DC]

HEX 85 Shrike Falls

HEX 86

HEX 87 ‘Beware ettercaps’ [V]

HEX 88 Kiravoy Bridge [V]

HEX 89 Farmland & Road [V]

HEX 90 Farmland & Road [V] & Dunsward Centaur Lands [DC]

HEX 91 Dunsward Centaur Lands [DC]

HEX 92 Grassland and Shrike River

HEX 93 Grassland

HEX 94 Varnhold Pass [V]

HEX 95 Varnhold [V]

HEX 96 Farmland & Road [V]

HEX 97 ‘that bloody Kankerata’ [V] & Dunsward Centaur Lands [DC]

HEX 98 Dunsward Centaur Lands [DC]

HEX 99 A Huge Silver Dragon’s Winter Roost

HEX 100

HEX 101 Highest mountain peak in area [V]

HEX 102 Spriggan Lair at Culchek Caverns [V]

HEX 103 Farmland & Road [V] & Dunsward Centaur Lands [DC]

HEX 104 Nomen Centaur Camp in Dunsward Centaur Lands [DC]

HEX 105 Dunsward Centaur Lands [DC]

HEX 106 Grassland & game

HEX 107 Foothills, Plains and NE of Lake Silverstep

HEX 108

HEX 109

HEX 110 Farmland & Road [V]

HEX 111 Site of Gargantuan Crag Linnorm body worshipped by centaurs

HEX 112

HEX 116 Ghost Stone and Samos, the Phase Spider

HEX 117 Foothills

HEX 118 Site of attacked camp

HEX 119

HEX 122 Island in river full of wildlife

HEX 123 Cryohydra attacked party here

HEX 124 Vordakai’s Lair

HEX 125 Valley of the Dead

HEX 126

HEX 130

HEX 131 Valley of the Dead continued

HEX 132 [UNCLAIMABLE MOUNTAIN HEX] Mountain lair of Amvarean, the silver dragon


HEX 138



See Part 4 for Hexes above 140.

Part 3 Hexes