HEX 76



Part 3 Encounter C

Alignment: CN

Nowhere is the Rostlandic spirit more alive than in the
Free City of Restov. The city owes its allegiance to the
Brevic crown, and Lord Mayor Ioseph Sellemius must bend his knee before the
Dragonscale Throne like any lord, but otherwise Restov
belongs to no house, making it a haven for the lost glories
of the Aldori Swordlords and those who look back to the
old days before the coming of the Conqueror. Restov is a
city of both refinement and rough-and-tumble manners,
as only a colony can be in fondly recalling and imitating
its motherland. The gentry of Restov consider themselves
sophisticates, although a Taldan visitor would consider
their ways quaint, and touched with no small amount of
northern barbarism. The city is a bustling trade centre
along the border. Restov’s relative wealth supports no
small number of idle and titled lordlings and merchants’
sons. They frequent the various Aldori and Taldan
dueling schools, as well as the alehouses, and fight each
other in street corner challenges at dawn and dusk. The
schools, salons, and taprooms of Restov are also hotbeds of
rebellious talk against the reign of King Noleski Surtova,
with young firebrands in search of a leader to rally them
to the cause.

Places of Interest

High Priest is Ezvanki Keegh (NG)

Party’s Visits

  • Sarenrith 4712

The Party arrived in Restov together for the first time in Sarenith 4712, but for some it was a coming home. Restov had already been visited by Baron Morhir some months prior to that. We determined the population as a whole had disliked the Baron.

There was considerable disquiet about the Issians who are protesting about Rostland’s expansion to the south.

  • Sarenrith 4713

The Party passed through on the way back to Magnamare and announced the:

  • Annexation of Varnhold as well as the disappearance of the population and our investigation into the Varnhold Vanishing
  • Institution of the Dunsward Centaur Lands under the protection of Magnamare
    • The chance for treaty with the centaurs earnt us 4,000 gp reward

HEX 76