Of The Marching Men

Grommor’s Maw Somewhere in the deep forests of the Stolen Lands is a menacing, yawning cave mouth infamous in local lore as an entrance to the Darklands.

they say beyond the Maw are filled with golems, constructed by unknown hands to fulfill still mysterious missions; the outermost two caverns each contain a dozen clay & stone golems, and the innermost cavern holds nine iron golems. From time to time, one of the golems will vanish or reappear in a flash of light, attacking at random throughout the land.

Who made these golems and placed them in the caverns, why they carry out these attacks, what the golems’ connection to Grommor’s Maw is, and where the “Marching Men” name came from are all mysteries, though even very old Riverfolk writings refer to these murderous golems by that term.



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