Wedding of Zalathes and Kisandra

The Wedding of Prince Zalathes to Kisandra Numesti

9th Day Of Gozreh

So has it pleased Erastil, that in the city of Hartlake, in the Kingdom of Magnamare, the wedding of Prince Zalathes to Kisandra Numesti has been celebrated.

Prince Zalathes is a leading member of the Council of Magnamare and adopted brother of His Majesty King Morhir. The King graced the celebration by acting as best man to the happy groom.

Kisandra Numesti is the daughter of Lord Terrion Numesti of Drelev.

The troth was plighted after Prince Zalathes bravely gave his life in the attempt to rescue his fiancée’s father from the clutches of Baron Hannis Drelev. Zalathes was reincarnated as an elf after the victory was won. These circumstances had postponed the marriage until the wishes of the fiancée and her father could be sought as Zalathes’ new incarnation would now mean that he is likely to outlive both his wife and children by some years. Furthermore, any issue will be half-elven. These new circumstances were deemed to be irrelevant by the loving Kisandra and her recently released father and the wedding was re-planned.

The wedding was a huge and memorable success graced by royalty and nobility from afar and blessed both by the Druid Circle, now resident in Magnamare, and the clergy of Erastil.

A highlight of the day was the ennoblement of the bride and groom as Duke and Duchess of Drelev.

Only one moment marred the air of triumph and joy when a dark-clothed and hooded, crazy person tried to enter the festivities without an invitation. The strange gate-crasher claimed to be bringing a present to the newly-weds but the devilish symbols and over-powering smell of sulphur meant the guards quickly escorted the protesting creature away.

Amongst many presents for the happy couple, the following are the most noteworthy:

Benefactor Gift
Cheq Ing’ard Silver engraved compass
Kjartan Silver platter engraved with stag motifs and a set of golden goblets engraved with Erastilite imagery
Morhir The Duchy of Drelev
Ranulph B Smith Metamagic rod of lesser extend
Ruslana Orlovksy A masterwork set of chainmail made for a lady, unusually in two pieces: one for protecting the upper torso and the other for protecting the loins

Wedding of Zalathes and Kisandra