Places of Note

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Map of Stolen lands

By Hex (Parts 1 & 2: Hexes 1-70)

For Part 3, Hexes 71-140, see here.

A [K] means it is claimed as part of the PC’s kingdom. [This is not complete and needs checking once the hexes are all referenced here]

HEX 1 [K]a windy plain containing a ruined cairn

HEX 2 [K] a grassy plain bordering old lumber camps in forest

HEX 3 a trap filled glade in moderate, well foraged, forest

HEX 4 [K] a sparse and well travelled plain

HEX 5 [K] a very sparse, safe, and well travelled area wherein lies the town of Olegton

HEX 6 [K] a sparse and infertile area of low rolling hills. A single building sits to its SE

HEX 7 an area of scattered farms on the main road east to Restov in the lands ruled by Brevoy

HEX 8 [K] a dry area of rolling hills.

HEX 9 [K] a fertile plain with abundant wildlife, liable to flood in winter.

HEX 10 an area rich in fish and insects, and a favourite haunt and playground for the forest’s fey.

HEX 11 Known to all as the North Forest Feys’ secretive home. Big Shoes Beware

HEX 12 [K] Very thick and lush forest area.

HEX 13 [K] small hills, infested by many flying insects, and spiders

HEX 14 [K] Low hills scatter this unremarkable area, occasional home to a few game animals

HEX 15 [K] Flat low plain, that only floods in very wet weather and fast spring thaw

HEX 16 [K] Thick forest, where the river Skunk ends in stagnant marshes.

HEX 17 [K] Thick and Tangled Forest. Contains an old temple to ERASTIL, once sought by the cleric, JHOD

HEX 18 [K] Thorn River Camp. It is now a thriving shanty town called Thorn Cross, and has reluctantly agreed to join the duchy.

HEX 19 [K] A grassy plain, famed for its small scattered copses of rare trees, pleasent environment and a gold mine.

HEX 20 [K] Rather undulating grasslands making life hard for its farmers

HEX 21 [K] Very rich farmland fed by the Shrike River

HEX 22 Damp, mangrove like forest, often plaqued by creatures from the Slough to the West

HEX 23 [K] contains a Statue of an Elk God: Erastil

HEX 24 [K} A heavy dank and deep marsh. Home to a Boggard colony

HEX 25 [K] Dense forest and unpassable thickets, favoured by dire boar which frequent the region

HEX 26 [K] A bridge passes over Thorne River, set in very rich farmlands

HEX 27 [K] A Mite Colony dwells here, breeding insects for the Kingdoms use

HEX 28 [K] Site of battle with Lamashtu Cultists, and a ferry once haunted by a spirit called Davik Nettles

HEX 29 [K] A site of Lammashtus campaign against the fey.

HEX 30 [K] Tatzlford

HEX 31 [K] An area affected by a large movement in the recent past

HEX 32 [K] Fangberry grow here in large numbers. This attracts many fruit eating insects, and spiders

HEX 33 [K] A ford over the Shrike River

HEX 34 [K] Home of Kobolds and Thawns, working hard for the kingdom

HEX 35 [K] A flat windy grassy plain

HEX 36 thick, low growing trees in a treacherous area of bogs and sinkholes

HEX 37 Home of Tirresia & Falcos

HEX 38 Home of Melianse, the nixie

HEX 39 [K] A ford that becomes unusable in high water, in an area of sparse forest

HEX 40 [K] Hartlake, capital city of the Barony

HEX 41 [K] Low hills, grassland and a major road.

HEX 42 [K] Flat, lush grasslands.

HEX 43 [K] An ancient Elven Tower looms out from a quiet still forest

HEX 44 [K] An area of forest that the Fey would like back.

HEX 45 [K] An area of good trees, and fertile land.

HEX 46 Beldame’s old haunt [K]

HEX 47 An area of good fishing and a tourist attraction

HEX 48 A newly refurbished stone bridge crosses The Gudrin River

HEX 49 Flat farmlands with a wide waterway between The Tuskwater & Lake Silverstep

HEX 50

HEX 51

HEX 52 Lizardfolk

HEX 53 Candlemere, as of Calistria 4713, home of the Stygiran Seers

HEX 54 [K]

HEX 55 [K]

HEX 56 [K]

HEX 57 Troll Rendezvous at Old Dwarven Fort

HEX 58

HEX 59 Curlitush, the faerie dragon

HEX 60 Stone Circle [K]

HEX 61 [K]

HEX 62 Owlbear’s Nest [K]

HEX 63

HEX 64

HEX 65

HEX 66

HEX 67 Southern area of farms, at the edge of perilous lands

HEX 68 Southern area of farms, at the edge of perilous lands

HEX 69 Southern area of farms, at the edge of perilous lands. Cyclops, came from the east…

HEX 70 Southern area of farms, at the edge of perilous lands

Places of Note