Party Treasure

Need to add this from last session of Part 4:

Zalathes got his headband upgraded to +4 wisdom
Petz got his barding upgraded (+3 I think) and +2 Con added to his belt of Str +2

Neil’s PC got Amulet Natural Armour +1; Headband Wisdom +2

Ruslana and Alagastor were the only two to have Cloak / Vest of Resistance upgraded to +4

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What has been bought from Party Fund and who has it assigned to them currently (this does not include items purchase with a PC’s own cash, nor does it include items found in the mod and utilised by a player):

Item Value Party Member
Common Items
Amulet of natural armour +1 2,000 Alagastor, Cheq
Belt of giant strength +2 4,000 Petz, Kjartan
Upgrade of belt +2 to belt of physical might +2, +2 6,000 Kjartan, Ranulph
Belt of physical might +2, +2 10,000 Cheq
Upgrade headband +2 to headband of mental prowess +2 Wis, +2 Cha 6,000 Ranulph
Headband of mental prowess +2 Int, +2 Cha 10,000 Morhir
Ring of protection +1 2,000 Alagastor, Cheq, Kjartan, Morhir, Zalathes
Vest of resistance +1 1,000 Petz
Upgrade Vest of resistance +1 to +2 3,000 Cheq, Alagastor, Ranulph, Ruslana, Zalathes, Petz
Enchant armour 1,000 Zalathes
Upgrade armour +1 to +3 8,000 Morhir
Upgrade armour +2 to +3 5,000 Kjartan, Ranulph
Celestial Armour 22,400 Ruslana
Apply wild special ability to +1 armour 15,000 Zalathes
Apply wild special ability to +1 shield 15,000 Zalathes
+2 Studded Leather Barding 4,200 Petz
+1 light mace 2,000 Kjartan x2, Ranulph
Enchant weapon 2,000 Zalathes
Upgrade +1 to +2 6,000 Cheq
Holy special ability 16,000 Cheq
Frost special ability 6,000 Kjartan
Corrosive special ability 6,000 Ranulph
Spell Storing special ability 6,000 Morhir
Wondrous Items
Gloves of swimming and climbing 5,000 Morhir
Handy haversack 2,000 Cheq, Kjartan, Morhir, Ranulph, Ruslana
Scarab, Golembane 2,500 Ranulph, Morhir
Permanency spell for see invisibility 5,000 Ruslana

Total Party Fund Spent by Party Member

Name Total Party Fund Spent
Alagastor 7,000
Cheq Ing’ard 41,000
Kjartan 29,000
Morhir 35,500
Ranulph B Smith 32,500
Ruslana Orlovksy 32,400
Zalathes Leveda 38,000
Petz 12,200
TOTAL 220,600 gp

Party Treasure