On-Going Quests

Part 4 Quests Post Break Point

  1. Who is She? What is She?
  2. Who is Her? What is Her?
  3. Annihilate She and her works
  4. Annihilate Her and her works
    NB: This is why Erastil is adamant that a woman’s place is supporting her man not doing her own thing – evil will follow as night follows day
  5. L’il Hooktongue Quest
  6. Slug’s spit – we have spit
  7. Chasing the Wind from Princess Jenevere Kenson (originally from Galt): wild horses to west of swamp
  8. Sabre toothed beast, Speartooth, in swamp to west kills people. 22" fangs wanted in Tatzylford
  9. Track down Spirit Naga claiming to be a boggard goddess in Swampscar

Campaign Quests [LIVE AT BREAK POINT]

  1. Understand the clues at HEX 57 – get help from Tirresia
  2. Investigate Of The Marching Men
  3. Send exploratory forces South
  4. Eels handout quest
  5. Find Amvarean’s head and return it to lair
  6. Kill the black dragon that slew Amvarean

Personal Quests

Zalathes Leveda
  1. Erase all of Gyronna’s wicked ways from Magnamare and wider if he can
  2. Aid as much as possible the shift from Gogunta to Gozreh worship amongst the boggards
  3. Get married

Completed Quests

# Find Xamanthe, daughter of Acoera or how she died. Skybolt would be our reward were Xamanthe to be found alive and a chance at the Alliance mentioned above.
# What is the Varnhold Vanishing?
# Solve the Nomen Centaur Problem
# Destroy the Oculum
# What was Maegar Varn researching with the help of Maestro Pendrod: centaurs?, and why?
# Find the jade bracelet – WE KNOW WHERE IT IS BUT LEFT IT!
# Why have all the soldiers been recalled from Fort Serenko?
# Spider silk handout quest
# Stop large bird stealing livestock around Varnhold (HEX 110)
# Aid Samos, the phase spider, against the xill incursion = Ghoulstone Quest
# Build road to Wyvernstone
# Rescue Tamary, Kisandra’s sister from Tiger Lord barbarians
# Track down 2 dark naga emissaries who fled from us
# Dragonfly Cloak Quest: +3 cloak & 12,800XP
# Garuum’s revenge: gain ebony fly & 12,800XP
# Tell Garuum about boggard paradise in HEX 173
# Go to bog strider Kikhet’s village to south, HEX 193, and make alliance (+ gain reward)
# Rescue Kisandra’s father, Lord Terrion Numesti, from Baron Hannis Drelev
# Remove Drelev from power
# Bog Mummy terror – local swamp families worried about bog mummies we have killed bog mummies, need to claim reward
# Find the missing Noble’s brother Edris, and his heirloom brooch
# Send exploratory forces West
# Fulfil various prophecies from the Tree of Stars

On-Going Quests