The Duchy of Magnamare lies south of the land of Brevoy. Its capital is Hartlake and sits on the Northern Shore of the Tuskwater Lake. It has recently been founded by a group of chosen adventurer types with a Charter from the Sword Lords of Restov.

Its current ruler is the velvet fist of the Duke Morhir, though he rules in a fairly democratic system, ably assisted by the Council.

Morhir became Duke on 20th Kuthona 4712; previously termed Baron Morhir, he ruled what was called the Barony of Magnamare.

On 19th Abadius 4713, to start the New Year, the Duke married Elizern Varn in Hartlake, making her the Duchess of Magnamare. The ceremony was performed by Ezvanki Keegh, High Priest of Erastil in Restov and in the presence of the Duchess’s father Maegar Varn and the Council of Magnamare.

  • Calistril 4712: Only trees and forests marked by the fey for felling may be logged by the people of Magnamare or any loggers working in the Barony. Any logging paperwork will stress this and all infringements will be punished.
  • Calistril 4712: Four areas are proclaimed as Fey Protection Zones where no building or agriculture is allowed and the areas themselves are protected from outside influence by the Barony in an understanding with Tirresia.