HEX 57

A clearing containing a hill fort is here. It is an old Dwarven Fort.

Area to where ‘She’ was calling the trolls led by Hargulkar, Nagrundy and Kargad.

As of 22nd Calistril 4712, the troll threat is no more. The wicked cleric of Gyronna has escaped, but grand tactics by the party, and some fey help, have seen of the trolls…

A number of clues were left for further thought…

  1. Battle and attack plans for the trolls where evident
  2. None of these targeted any fey areas of the forest
  3. Holy symbols and text and salutations to Gyronna were apparent
  4. A halfling’s corpse, the first halfling the party have seen, was found; this halfling was a trader from the south
  5. The cleric’s name was Malgorzata Niska

Every troll was utterly destroyed, so Magnamare folk can sleep easily.

After the Trolls

By Sarenrith 4712, the area had returned to normal and the Party saw many thylacine had moved in.

The Dundim tribe of dwarves set up home here in Erastus 4712. They are decent fellows and followers of Torag. They chose this place as it is the location of an old dwarven fort. A quarter of these dwarves serve in the Magnamare militia helping to protect the Duchy.

HEX 57