this once contained Oleg’s trading post, but is now the annexed town of Olegton.

since its annexation the town has lost some of it sparkle, as has Oleg himself. He is no longer married to Svetlana, and she lives in the city of Hartlake

The area around here is a flat featureless plain, with any resource long since exploited.

There is very poor grazing in the area, but as the South Rostland Road passes through it, it is very safe for travellers.

Recent application and use of the new regimes laws, orders, edicts etc has caused disqueit and more rural folks have left to join the small conclave at Thorn River Camp in Hex 18

Known Residents
  • Andrew Mark: The Hireling: is ‘sturdy’ and has his own studded leather, buckler, spear and shortsword. Will guard horses et al while others go off into ‘dungeons’; Rate 1gp/day!
  • Boris Petrovich
  • Gavvin: grave robber of cairns near Oleg’s that brought horde of undead to attack the outpost before it became Olegton
  • Growl
  • Oleg
  • Valakel Benzen: mauled by Tuskgutter and set reward for its head
Town Building
  • Gozran 4713: A granary and a garrison built in Olegton