HEX 43

Elven Tower

Long ago, before the fall of the Starstone, when the Verduran Forest stretched from the World’s Edge Mountains to the Lake of Mists and Veils, the elves built an outpost far to the north in what is now the northern River Kingdoms. When they fled Golarion at the onset of the Age of Darkness, the elves abandoned this outpost as they did so many others. Centuries later, after their return, they found that while humanity had overrun much of Avistan, the Stolen Lands had become a wilderness untouched by both elf and human. Moved by this, they left their ancient keep abandoned, and in the ensuing centuries even the elves forgot about it

A ruined, circular keep looms out of the forest, surrounded by towering, ancient trees draped with hanging moss. Four circular towers sprout from the cracked walls like the trunks of great trees, at least one crumbled into rubble. Twisting vines and thick moss cover the walls in a coat of verdant green, blending the ruins almost seamlessly into the surrounding woods. The overgrown remains of a path lead to an open, arched gateway gaping in the keep’s eastern wall, its doors long since rotted away.

In 4712 The party cleansed the place of the wicked fey and undead, and the place, if fully restored, may serve a purpose, as the keep itself is intact enough to serve as a castle for a city founded here.

HEX 43