Titles Old Deadeye
Alignment Lawful Good
Portfolio Farming, Hunting, Trade, Family
Domains Animal, Community, Good, Law, Plant
Favored Weapon longbow

In Game

Zalathes’ Wise Words

  • Old Deadeye’s wisdom and beneficence is welcomed by the party. Much compelling evidence that Erastil wants us here to confront the foul works of Lamashtu: we are only too pleased to help. Even the devil botherers can see the sense of this mission.
  • Another sign from Erastil was the arrival of Jhod Kavken at Oleg’s where he set up a shrine to Erastil and raised Old Deadeye’s banner above the fort. He had had a vision from Old Deadeye about an angry bear guarding a lost temple of Erastil’s called the Temple of the Elk. The bear was not right and had to be put to rest; the temple was cleansed and Jhod was brought there to set up the temple anew. This we achieved – the temple was found and cleansed [Hex 17].
  • Also we found a Statue of an Elk god – clearly portraying Erastil: Erastil is everywhere.
  • The victory at the Stone Circle over the forces of Lamashtu brought the very avatar of Erastil, the White Stag, to us to thank us for saving Millit.
  • We have a new focus to our worship in Hartlake: an oil of unguent has been applied to a darkwood bow now proudly exhibited in the shrine.

DM’s Neutral Overview (useful information left not crossed out)

Often thought to be a foolish old man who doesnt understand the cause of progress, industry & order

Attracts unsavoury types who never bathe, and talk to all sorts of troublesome pests, faeries and unwanted tom-foolery