• Moonday (work, religion at night)
  • Toilday (work)
  • Wealday (work)
  • Oathday (work, pacts, oaths)
  • Fireday (work, market)
  • Starday (work)
  • Sunday (rest, religion)

Months (each named after a deity):

  • Abadius (winter)
  • Calistril (winter)
  • Pharast (spring)
  • Gozran (spring)
  • Desnus (spring)
  • Sarenith (summer)
  • Erastus (summer)
  • Arodus (summer)
  • Rova (autumn)
  • Lamashan (autumn)
  • Neth (autumn)
  • Kuthona (winter)

Abridged history of the world:

  • Age of Darkness, c. -5300 – -4300: The Starstone falls, destroying Azlant and causing a thousand years of darkness. Orcs flee to the surface from dwarven pogroms. Dwarves themselves emerge later, completing the Quest for Sky.
  • Age of Anguish, c. -4300 – -3470: The darkness lifts. The Pit of Gormuz begins disgorging the Spawn of Rovagug. The legendary orc Belkzen lived in this age.
  • Age of Destiny, c. -3470 – 0: First and second ages of Osirion. Founding of Taldor by descendants of Lost Azlant and indigenous primitive humans.
  • Age of Enthronement, 1 – 4606: Aroden, the Last Azlanti, recovers the Starstone, becomes a god, and founds Absalom. Taldor expands west into Andoran and then Cheliax. Elves return to Golarion. The Shining Crusade imprisons Tar-Baphon in Gallowspire. Baba Yaga founds Irrisen. Cheliax breaks from Taldor, attains naval supremacy and expands northward. Pathfinder Society founded. Choral the Conqueror unites Rostland and Issia as Brevoy. During this age Norgorber, Cayden Cailean and Iomedae pass the Test of the Starstone and become deities. Aroden’s church in Cheliax is prophesied to play an important part in his manifestation, heralding the Age of Glory.
  • Age of Lost Omens, 4607 – Present (4708): Aroden dies, leaving the Eye of Abendego behind and his church cut off. Golarion shifts closer to the Abyss, opening the Worldwound. Civil war in Cheliax; eventually diabolists take control. Revolts and revolutions in Molthune, Galt and Andoran; founding of Nirmathas. Brevoy’s House Rogarvia vanishes, leaving a power vacuum to be filled by House Surtova.
  • 24th day of Calistril, 4710. The Kingmaker Charter is issued. Golarion will never quite be the same.