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  • HEX 53

    h5. EXPLORED h3. Candlemere The lake known as Candlemere is notorious in the Stolen Lands for being haunted. Stories from fishermen, explorers, bandits, and tradesmen alike support these legends with eerie tales of strange lights dancing upon …

  • HEX 52

    Home of the Lizardfolk tribe now allied with [[Magnamare]] and led by [[:114284 | Vesket, King of the Lizardfolk]]. Vesket also claims [[Hex 53]] as his domain.

  • Vesket, King of the Lizardfolk

    Corrupted by the aberrant will-o-the-wisp operating from the island in [[Hex 53 | Candlemere]], and masquerading as an aboleth, Vesket is now released from the evil control and has decided to become a friend to [[Magnamare]] along with his tribe. He sent …

  • Tig

    Once missing boy, rescued from the [[Hex 52 | lizardfolk tribe]] when they were under the sway of will o wisp masquerading as aboleth masquerading as shoggoth. He is now safely with parents.

  • Lisskard

    Lizardman leader of anti-Shoggoth faction who wanted to work with PCs to rid the tribe of the aboleth (later found to be aberrant will-o-the-wisp) taint. His faction of good hearted lizardfolk was about 8-10 large.

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