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  • Oleg

    Oleg is a middle-aged man with a no-nonsense attitude and fierce pride. Has recently separated from his wife, [[:114188 | Svetlana]]. He lives in what is now called [[Hex 5 | Olegton]], after his shop, Oleg's Trading Post, was forcefully annexed by [[ …

  • Growl

    Hobgoblin rescued from [[Lamashtu | Lamashtan]] bugbear and gnolls who was being transported to a stone circle for making into a [[Lamashtu | Thoul]]. Now recruited into militia at [[Hex 5 | Olegton]].

  • Svetlana

    Former wife of [[:113496 | Oleg]], she is now a single woman again, filled with drive, determination, but a colder nature. She lives in [[Hartlake | Hartlake]] and is involved in many roles. Was friendly to the party initially but the brutal …

  • Chief Sootscale

    Head of Sootscale Clan kobolds who was usurped by a powerful shaman called [[:tartuk | Tartuk]] but has now reclaimed his position thanks to the party. His group is now back in strong unity, and working well for the Barony, despite it allowing filthy …

  • Grabbles

    One of the Mites in the [[Hex 27 | Mite Colony]] about which we know very little. We are not sure Grabbles is his name and we do not know who the leader is. Regardless the mite colony are now allied to [[Magnamare]].

  • Jubilost Narthropple

    Gnome leader of expedition (9 gnomes including Gumble) looking for a lost dwarven outpost. He is an explorer, mapmaker and raconteur. We can't help thinking they are after our treasure and may be trouble later. [[HEX 39]] We saw their expedition at the …

  • Perlivash

    Beautiful faerie dragon viciously attacked by Morhir who tried to murder him in [[Hex 11]]. Associate of [[:tik-toka-tut | Tik Toka Tut]]. Should be ally and were friends, but now indifferent due to [[:morhir-darklord | Morhir]]'s actions.

  • Tik Toka Tut

    Enchanting grig - tiny fey folk viciously attacked by Morhir who tried to murder her in [[Hex 11]]. Associate of [[:perlivash | Perlivash]]. Should be ally and were friends, but now indifferent due to [[:morhir-darklord | Morhir]]'s actions. She …

  • Sha-Ir-Ra

    Pretty lady with 2 jagged blades (saw-toothed sabres) - "Red Mantis Assassin":http://pathfinder.wikia.com/wiki/Red_Mantis sent to kill 2 cultists of [[Lamashtu]]. May be an associate of [[:kjartan | Kjartan]].

  • Ezvanki Keegh

    High Priest of [[Erastil]] in [[HEX 76 | Restov]]. Cool but friendly to [[:zalathes-leveda | Zalathes Leveda]]. On 19th Abadius 4713, to start the New Year, [[:morhir-darklord | Duke Morhir]] married [[:elizern-varn | Elizern Varn]] in [[HEX 40 | …

  • Maestro Pendrod

    Professor from [[Taldor]] whose items we found in the Water Horse Inn in [[HEX 95 | Varnhold]]. He seems to have a special interest in [[Centaurs]]. Here is what we found: h5. 1. Letter in the Common Room bq). Maestro Pendrod, I hope that this …

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