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  • Spriggans

    Spriggans were first met by the party in [[HEX 95 | Varnhold]] in Sarenith 4713, where they had overridden the Stockade. They are chaotic evil deformed gnomes that can shapechange from their gnome form into a giant form. They have access to mind …

  • She

    Mistress of a band of trolls we fought and killed in Calistril 4712. Probably associated with [[Gyronna]] and definitely worked against [[Lamashtu]]. May be Gyronna herself! May be [[:malgorzata-niska | Malgorzata Niska]], cleric of Gyronna. …

  • Gregori

    A trouble making seditionist who tried to make [[Magnamare]] unstable by criticising the [[Council]] by making speeches to the peopl of [[Hex 40 | Hartlake]]. He has not been heard from recently fortunately.

  • Raven

    Unknown creature masquerading as a raven in murders of crows at [[HEX 95 | Varnhold]]. It could be a druid in wild shape, a familiar or some other polymorphed creature. Nevertheless it ordered the crows to attack the party immediately and must have …

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