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  • HEX 5

    h5. KINGDOM HEX h3. Olegton this once contained [[:113496 | Oleg]]'s trading post, but is now the annexed town of *Olegton*. since its annexation the town has lost some of it sparkle, as has [[:113496 | Oleg]] himself. He is no longer married to …

  • Oleg

    Oleg is a middle-aged man with a no-nonsense attitude and fierce pride. Has recently separated from his wife, [[:114188 | Svetlana]]. He lives in what is now called [[Hex 5 | Olegton]], after his shop, Oleg's Trading Post, was forcefully annexed by [[ …

  • Boris Petrovich

    Decent cleric of Erastil that has moved from the Council to [[Hex 5 | Olegton]] - damn fine chap. One of the finest archers in the region and works hard protecting and patrolling the lands borders with the Barony's small militia force. In 4712 he …

  • Growl

    Hobgoblin rescued from [[Lamashtu | Lamashtan]] bugbear and gnolls who was being transported to a stone circle for making into a [[Lamashtu | Thoul]]. Now recruited into militia at [[Hex 5 | Olegton]].

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