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  • Rigg Gougadilly

    A twisted, malevolent fey murderer, a quickling named Rigg Gargadilly. Quicklings are small, incredibly swift and agile creatures that move so fast that they can effectively become invisible. Like most quicklings, Rigg is highly-strung and prone to …

  • Lily Teskertin

    A Beautiful young woman who used to work at the Scarlet Lady, but after her marriage to Kjartan on 2 Neth 4712, she now works in the new Dockers Guild Headquarters.

  • Sha-Ir-Ra

    Pretty lady with 2 jagged blades (saw-toothed sabres) - "Red Mantis Assassin":http://pathfinder.wikia.com/wiki/Red_Mantis sent to kill 2 cultists of [[Lamashtu]]. May be an associate of [[:kjartan | Kjartan]].

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