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  • Jhod Kavken

    Blessed priest of [[Erastil]] who set up a temple at [[Hex 5 | Olegton]] and had a mission for us to restore the [[Temple of the Elk]]. A man with a troubled past - he had executed a person on suspicion of being a werewolf who was not in fact one. He …

  • Boris Petrovich

    Decent cleric of Erastil that has moved from the Council to [[Hex 5 | Olegton]] - damn fine chap. One of the finest archers in the region and works hard protecting and patrolling the lands borders with the Barony's small militia force. In 4712 he …

  • Narlmastis

    Arch druid of puissant power who bravely fought the works of [[Lamashtu]] on his own. He was also mentor to [[:zalathes-leveda | Zalathes Leveda]]. Evidence of his whereabouts was thin and Zalathes had been told bq). 'Do not follow the path I am …

  • Millit

    Millit was so loyal that [[Erastil]] held the uncorrupted soul of [[:113537 | Narlmastis]] within Millit after his master's death, awaiting _reincarnation_.

  • Munguk

    Munguk is happy with the party as we destroyed a forest drake for him. In return he helped the party defeat the [[Lamashtu]] perversion at the [[HEX 60 | Stone Circle]].

  • Akiros Ismort

    Former fallen paladin of [[Erastil | Erastil]], since his redemption through the parties actions he is now well on the mend. Some time around 4711, he became the General of [[Magnamare | Magnamare]] armed forces. h4. History Lieutenant of the [[ …

  • Garuum

    A lone boggard and his monstrous frog-like pets Gob and Mob, tusked slurks. This boggard is Garuum, once a member of the greater boggard tribes found to the west in the [[Stolen Lands | Hooktongue Slough]], but Garuum made a terrible mistake the day …

  • Vesket, King of the Lizardfolk

    Corrupted by the aberrant will-o-the-wisp operating from the island in [[Hex 53 | Candlemere]], and masquerading as an aboleth, Vesket is now released from the evil control and has decided to become a friend to [[Magnamare]] along with his tribe. He sent …

  • Lily Teskertin

    A Beautiful young woman who used to work at the Scarlet Lady, but after her marriage to Kjartan on 2 Neth 4712, she now works in the new Dockers Guild Headquarters.

  • Tig

    Once missing boy, rescued from the [[Hex 52 | lizardfolk tribe]] when they were under the sway of will o wisp masquerading as aboleth masquerading as shoggoth. He is now safely with parents.

  • Beldame

    Now based in Hartlake in her new building. However, in Calistril 4712, not long after it was built, a huge owlbear destroyed the Mage's Tower, but it was rebuilt quickly within three months. Cast _remove curse_ on [[:petz | Petz]] for a mere kiss and …

  • Manatovich

    [[:zalathes-leveda | Zalathes Leveda]]'s link to the druids in [[Brevoy]] and beyond. Friend of [[:113537 | Narlmastis]]. Not much is known about this interlocutor of the party druid or what the 6th Circle means. Zalathes also corresponds with Nyn …

  • Bokken

    Kind and generous hero who makes potions - great friend and wants to help the party succeed. He has some fingers missing. Some unkind folks might say he is "miserable loner, who knows what people want and how to make money" but they clearly cannot see …

  • Mokken

    Brother, probably ranger, of our chum [[:bokken | Bokken]]. Mokken went a bit crazy. We cured him and sent him on his way to a happy reunion with Bokken. [originally found in [[Hex 51]] 'I']

  • Old Crackjaw

    Injured turtle that was causing trouble for fishermen - now healed of his pain by the Party and set free in the river to resume a normal life. He is now friendly to the party.

  • Coren Lawry

    Long term friend of [[:loy-of-tatzlford | Loy of Tatzlford]] and [[:113529 | Latricia of Tatzlford]], who also wishes a fresh start. He will be in command of security in [[HEX 30 | Tatzlford]].

  • Nikpak, Lieutenant

    [[Hex 34 | Sootscale Clan Kobold]] - the leader of a search party who was wanting to find help destroying [[Hex 27 | mite cultists]] who had stolen a statue of '[[Old Sharptooth]]'. The Party has since brought peace to these warring tribes. Nikpak aided …

  • Lisskard

    Lizardman leader of anti-Shoggoth faction who wanted to work with PCs to rid the tribe of the aboleth (later found to be aberrant will-o-the-wisp) taint. His faction of good hearted lizardfolk was about 8-10 large.

  • Falcos

    Fey whose name we had first heard when the fey that had battled the scythe tree ran away. Associated with [[:tirresia | Tirresia]]. In Calistril 4712, the Party finally met Falcos and Tirresia and, upon their hearing of our destruction of the evil …

  • Tirresia

    Fey whose name we had first heard when the fey that battled the scythe tree ran away. Associated with [[:falcos | Falcos]]. In Calistril 4712, the Party finally met Falcos and Tirresia and, upon their hearing of our destruction of the evil scythe …

  • Telish

    Richest rabbit trapper and fur trader for at least 100 miles. Resident in splendour in [[Hex 18]].

  • James Trion

    Of the [[Restov]] Army who gave us our formal mission against the [[:stag-lord-zith | Stag Lord]].

  • Melianse

    Melianse is protective of trees and water around her area and became an ally of [[Magnamare]], in Calistril 4712, only after successful Party diplomacy and recompense of her damaged trees: she was presented with five _feather tokens: tree_ to grow in the …

  • Maegar Varn

    Maegar Varn is the Founder & Ruler of [[HEX 95 | Varnhold]]: the Baron of Varnhold. He is the brother of the Duchess of Magnamare: [[:elizern-varn | Elizern Varn]]. On 19th Abadius 4713, to start the New Year, the [[:morhir-darklord | Duke Morhir]] …

  • Iosis Vemarelian

    He gave the Party a Quest in Calistril 4713, which we could easily fulfil as we had manticore quills on us after a recent battle with them. *Source:* Wanted poster *Task:* Local (and quite eccentric) poet Iosis Vemarelian wants to write a complex …

  • Acoera

    Druid worshipper of '[[Mother Moon]]'. Her daughter is [[:xamanthe | Xamanthe]], missing probably in the [[HEX 125 | Valley of the Dead]] after breaking the taboo there. Acoera offered us a reward if we find the cause of her death. If we found her …

  • Xamanthe

    Daughter of the Centaur leader [[:acoera | Acoera]]. The party has been asked to find her, which they did in Sarenith 4713 and rescued her from Vordakai's paralyzing clutches.

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