The Frogs of War

The Spirit Naga fron the swamp scar appears to have gone

You found a nice bit of swamp, albeit inhabited by a group of chuuls

The party finds M’botou

-kill of the 2 dark nagas from previous

-resuce a bog strider (eternal enemy of the Boggards), called Kikhet, and have been invited to visit his homeland to the south

-kill off Sepoku and his warden lackies and so free the boggards from their terrible life, togo back to plain and simple life of worship to Gogunta!

-scene is now set for Gorums glorious return

The party have gained some treasure, some levels and have fulfilled the odd quest. Will they head back home or go for a quick peak at Drelev?

Ruslanas Orlovsky spies have mapped out much of Drelev and Pitax

High Level Horrors

Ran 29/03/11

Dark Nagas of the goddess, fight to a draw…..

more political scandal involving Alagastor

So…HER is Nyrissa, a nymph queen will a long term plan

She has coerced some pixies to her side, and the new goddess of the Boggards in the Slough.
Killed their enslaved Worgs

Sepoko is the Boggard King, supposed worshipper of Gogunta (who sounds worse than Her, She and Lammashtu put together!!), but apparently an ally of the Naga Queen (‘goddess of the slough’)

The dragonfly quest is complete

You find the goddess!! big scarey naga, and a fight to a draw

Session 31

Run 22/03/11

discussion on the politics of Brevoy and area around….if civil war hits Brevoy, the party may be divided!

everyone has a nice house

Beldane survives an assassination attempt via invisible stalker!

more quests to do with butchering the wild life!

a month of building, and upgrading kit

most folks have +3 vest and more have +3 armour

a road over the Wyvernstone bridge

Giants!! a cosy chat with their old witch……your hill giant will Wanger no more with his new family!! It appeared they had had run in with Drelev baggage train and won!

exploration west….an old mine filled with Dracolisks..and melted men and ‘statues’ of drelev…an an old mine STILL filled with Dracolisks!!

The camp of the barbarians ( a few 100) , pleasent chat with subchief Morgum, and the 5 ladies are ransomed over…they no longer deal with Baron drelev, but delve there ancient tombs looking for clairty and the mysterys of the twice born!

delve into the swamp….fight with Ahiouoztl…..Cheq is grabbed

fight with bad side Boggards….Cheq is unconcious… have a prisoner….the Boggard wardens are quite tough!

Settled down for night time camp and interrogation of prisoner….just as Dark Nagas arrive!!

blimey, busy nite!


the raiding band is defeated

preliminary excursion into the area bordering the Slough is begun

contact is sent to Pitax

the Party near 10th level…..

Session 29
She, Her, Whom, What

The Duke is made a King!

The cities fluorish!

On investigating a missing caravan the party run into some BleudWyudd fey….sent by ‘Her’ under the orders of ‘She’…..

a second encounter with a brutal twisted fey confirms that the Kingdom is being watched, and has come to the attention of something powerful?

On returning to town it appears Taztlford is under an impending threat….the Kingdom gathers itself ready to meet the Storm…….

session 28
A Bard Encounter Indeed.....

Our heroes clear out an Ironstone mine for furture exploitation, find a wierd island inhabited by an enourmous flytrap

After a rusty return to kingdom building they head out to fully explore some safe looking areas

Ambushed at night by Witchfires, the mighty bard cheqin sings his last song…..


Found the corpse of the Silver Dragon…Slain by a black dragon it would seem

Its Roc friend has now flown away

Meet some Howling Eye Cyclops, who are now pleased the Vordakai is no more, and have promised to go back to Ioboria

Helped the nice Phase Spider lady with her Xill problem at yet another leaky elf-built Planar Gate


DERBY KINGMAKERS will return soon……



Final session before the break….

Tidying up of plots and conclusions, items and money to sort out, diplomacey and normality to return to the flourishing land of Magnamre…..


Vordakai is no more

after 10,000 years you have thought hed choose a few more offensive spells

What will the party do with the Occulum!!

The survivors of Varnhold gladly join the kingdom!


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