TBP 24th August

GOLARION TIME : 27th Calistril 4712

With the duchy of Magnamare reeling from troll and owlbear attack, our heroes need to summon one more burst of energy

Will they track the beast to its lair, or will they sit and cower and hide from the greatest peril they have faced…...

Meanwhile, the Baron Morhir has left a very useful visit to Restov and heading to our neighbours in Varnhold


Played 17TH AUGUST

GOLARION TIME : 17th-26th Calistril 4712

With the baron away on an official tour the party made great alliance with a number of fey, settled some disputes, and attacked the foul trolls at their base. They had been influenced by a terrible priestess of Gyronna who had seduced many young women to her cause. The party valiantly assailed the trolls, slaying the foul beasts and ridding their presence from the Barony of Magnamare for good

As the victorious group returned back to Hartlake, they discovered that a terrible owlbear, of epic proportion had ransacked a number of city blocks, and knocked down a wall….but at least they could now afford some kewl stat raise items…...will the party be able to bring the owlbears reign of terror to an end…

Session 15 (RRR, pt 2)

7pm to 11.15pm 10th August 2010

GOLARION TIME : 6th to 16th Calistril 4712

seemed like classic D&D session. 6 big fights and some social stuff

insane amount of xp and party pushing towards 7th

The the threat of Lamashtu seems lifted from the area, the companion of Narlmastis, Millit, thylacine was apparently holding the dismissed soul of Narlmastis, so the druid of Erastil, the PC Zalathes Leveda could learn a lesson.

All that is natural is not good, all that is evil is not without honour. In a world full of peril, then morales cannot be rigid. Compromise is the key to the future. Learning is the route to experience.

Part 2: Rivers Run Red
a kingdom to be forged


A first city called Hartlake is built on the site of the Stag Lords old fort. The land is to be known as Magnamare, and its first ruler is the (soon to be ) elven Archer-Arcane Morhir.

By deed of sword & spell our heroes ally will all sundry, adn in time the small town fluorishes

Part 1 into the Stolen land


The party are given charter to explore the stolen lands to the South of Brevoy. They find allies in strange places, battle terrible bandits, and finallyprvail and finish off the stag lord

Now they must prepare to build a kingdom…..


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