SESSION 22 (TBP 5th Oct)

What is the secret of the ‘valley of the dead’.

Despite dire and terrible tales of heroes past falling there, the party seem intent…

SESSION 21 (28/09/10)

The village of Varnhold seems abandoned in great hurry. Carrion feeders and oppurtunist Spriggan have moved in, and for the most part ransacked the place.Reading the journals and works of a Taldan lore seeker raises some questions? Where the is Tor with the formaidable guardian? What/Who is Vordakai? what role do the Nomen Centaurs have in this this?

The party are dug in, but have a plan………

Of The Marching Men

Grommor’s Maw Somewhere in the deep forests of the Stolen Lands is a menacing, yawning cave mouth infamous in local lore as an entrance to the Darklands.

they say beyond the Maw are filled with golems, constructed by unknown hands to fulfill still mysterious missions; the outermost two caverns each contain a dozen clay & stone golems, and the innermost cavern holds nine iron golems. From time to time, one of the golems will vanish or reappear in a flash of light, attacking at random throughout the land.

Who made these golems and placed them in the caverns, why they carry out these attacks, what the golems’ connection to Grommor’s Maw is, and where the “Marching Men” name came from are all mysteries, though even very old Riverfolk writings refer to these murderous golems by that term.

SESSION 20 (TBP 14/09/2010)

Lose of contact with Varnhold. The Duchess having terrible dreams of a great red eye. The party pass through the pass to find the Town of Varnhold quite and still, except for the endless circling crows and the terrible stench of death and decay

What has befallen the place

Bokken Progresses

The herbalist and potion-maker Bokken is pleased to announce he has extended his range of goods to include items from the Adventurers Armoury

SESSION 19 (TBP 7/9/2010)

Winters End. 3 years of charter. A Duchy in its infancy…..and then strange news of the East….

SESSION 18 (31.08.2010)

With everybody back, does this mean even more glory for Magnamare

it did!!

2 weddings, dragon, stone witches, heavy snow, gargoyles, manticores, druids, treants, talking foxes, +4 item factories,

Of Cyclops

The cyclops god is called Prathos (“the Howling Eye”)

There are many variants with their one eye having many strange and powerful abilities

Even humans are known to cut out one of their eyes in his worship….


And so it came to pass that in early Erastus 4712, the barony of Magnamare was fully explored as laid out by charter, and that with the blessing of the deity of that fine month, the land will prosper and wealth of all forms will flow and spread.

progress through power…..


Oi, Big Feets and No wings

let it be known throughout the kingdoms, or some such nonsense, that you dont built nowt in the hexes you call HEX 11 HEX 12 HEX 37 HEX 38

Falcos, fey intterme…..ambasaddo….repressi…....erm, chat person!

PS, we calls them

top nosh, flutterhome, big trees and ring-splosh


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