Goreclaw of Thercerrod

+2 Wounding Spiked Gauntlet

weapon (melee)

Goreclaw of Thercerrod

Aura moderate evocation; CL 10th

Slot hands; Price 23,305; Weight 1 lb.


These leather gauntlets and bracers are trimmed, backed, and studded with metal, and yellowed bear claws cap each of the fingers. Although it incorporates metal, use of the goreclaw does not violate a druid’s prohibition against wearing metal armour.

The goreclaw of Thercerrod is a +2 wounding spiked gauntlet. If worn by a druid while wild shaping, the druid retains the +2 enhancement bonus and the wounding weapon property for any natural claw attack she gains during the transformation. Any effect that would improve or enhance such natural attacks suppresses the magic of the goreclaw for the duration of the effect.


Requirements Craft Magic Arms and Armour, bleed, greater magic fang;

Cost 11,500 gp


A powerful druid and worshipper of Lamashtu, the twisted man known as Thercerrod searched his whole life for ways to become like the animalistic beings he attempted to emulate. As he grew older, he spent more and more of his time in animal form, always seeking out new ways of understanding hunting beasts and adopting those traits they possessed— usually the violent ones— that he found most admirable.

After years of study, Thercerrod finally stumbled upon a design for a new magic item that would at last rid him of much of his dependence on his human form, making him as effective a combatant in his assumed forms as in the one he was born to. This was the first goreclaw, and Thercerrod not only donned it readily, but used strips of hide from his latest kill to stitch the thing into his own flesh, to make sure he’d never be parted from it. Considering himself to have just achieved a major advance to his faith, he decided to reward himself with a hunting expedition north into the forests of Kyonin, after which he would take word of his achievements to the rest of his cult.

One night, as he stalked prey within the forest, Thercerrod came upon a great stag. Both faith and an animalistic hunger called on him to kill it, yet as he leapt from hiding, he found himself transfixed by half a dozen arrows fired by hidden hunters. The arrows struck through him to hit the stag as well, and though it was sorely wounded, the great hart carried him northward across the West Sellen into the River Kingdoms, where they both succumbed to their wounds and died, leaving the goreclaw to be quickly hidden by falling leaves.

Goreclaw of Thercerrod