Stag Lord / Zith

Bandit Lord


Over Bandit Lord and great archer.

Local bandits we had met early on in our charter quest had a symbol of his around their necks. We quickly had evidence of his brutality.

He died at our hands at the attack on the his Monastery hideout and his body was thrown into the river to release Davik Nettles’ soul.

It turned out he was Narlmastis’ son who had developed a passionate hatred of his father and had acquired Narlmastis somehow as a prisoner: we don’t know how he got his father. He had been burnt as a child and this had made him bitter and twisted especially towards his father.

His Minions

  • Happs: Bandit leader so useless he died in the ‘world’s worst ambush’.
  • Falgrim Sneeg: Varisian male who robbed Captain Kesten Garess’ militia while working as one of them, but then became a bandit – we had a mission to bring him back alive but killed him outright when Akiros Ismort attacked the party.

Stag Lord / Zith