Violent Bull Owlbear

Attack on Hartlake

Attacked Hartlake in Calistril 4712 destroying much of our fair city.

Zalathes Leveda pondered about the owlbear as to why such a beast of nature now (for they surely are) would decide to attack such a large city? Why could it have grown so big? Is this ‘natural’ or could there be an ulterior force controlling it?

Assuming taking some 10’s, bardic 20’s, using the library, going to the pub, listening to travellers…

  1. owlbears were created millenia ago so for all intense and purposes are now ‘natural’....they live, die, eat, breed etc, but like all ‘magical’ beast they live well beyond their years, to the point of immortality for some
  2. you have heard of some variant owlbears, particularly big bull males
  3. there is some lore, that somewhere in these lands there was a ‘remarkable pair of owlbears, unheard of in size and stature (assume some 300 year old Taldoran tale)
  4. It is highly probable the owlbear attacks are ‘driven by some force’ as it is way out of its already large ‘range’
  5. wild beasts attacking civilisation??...in the tavern an old timer tells of a long winter he spent in Fort Drelev, [hundreds of miles to the west, in the glory days of the frontier Fort] there was almost constant attacks by ankheg, bulette, cockatrice, darkmantle, giant eagle, manticore, owlbear, stirge, winter wolf, worg…and even a unicorn!!!
  6. this was some decades ago. The creatures were supported by missile fire from bowmen, and stole stuff
  7. The fort finally got good at preparing for the attacks, and they got less and less frequent and successful…until they stopped in the spring

Perhaps the owlbear is no enemy but needs help to protect it from a controlling force, which surely is our enemy?


The owlbear was hunted down by the party shortly after its raid, killed and is now stuffed and mounted as a trophy, in its armour, in the Town Hall in Hartlake.

A ring was found on a long dead adventurer within the owlbear’s lair. The ring purported to be a ring of bestial friendship but was, in fact, an evil cursed item made of the hair of a tainted dryad. Could it be She? It seems the ring was used by the dead adventurer to make the raid on the Fort Drelev years ago remembered by the old timer. We guess that the raids stopped as the owlbear turned on its master. We now know both the bull and the female owlbears are dead. Its child was sold to Boris Petrovich.