Slow to die druid of Erastil


The circle druids had been waiting for one of the elders to die. Moraphues was never a particularly ambitious druid, always saying that Erastil would eventually show him the way. It appears he didn’t, until the time for the destruction of the Ocularum? For some reason, despite age and illness, Moraphues refused to die! His sightless guide, SoulPierce the Bow-Archon awaited to take him to the upper planes, without prejudice or judgement, till he met ‘Old Deadeye’, but in his lucid state the old man kept saying “soon”, and “wait fair guide, our time is near”…

That has been going on for weeks until the Party arrived and the mystery of destroying Vordakai’s artefact was solved: Duke Morhir had to put his faith in Erastil and fore from the celestial bow.

Moraphues could then pass on to Erastil’s heaven.