Potion Maker


Used to live in Hex 6 but now resident in Hartlake.


Kind and generous hero who makes potions – great friend and wants to help the party succeed. He has some fingers missing. Some unkind folks might say he is “miserable loner, who knows what people want and how to make money” but they clearly cannot see through his act to his heart of gold.

His brother is Mokken and they recently were reunited after a period of estrangement brought about by Mokken’s madness.

In Calistril 4712, a huge owlbear destroyed his herbalist’s shop in Hartlake, but it was rebuilt quickly within three months.

Given that he had a to have a massive rebuild, and with help from his brother and some of the Duchys gnomes, he has extended his range of products to include items from the Adventurers Armoury