Silver Dragon: Noble Creature Disgusted with the Party


Huge Adult Silver Dragon (Female)


In Calistril 4713, the party met the silver dragon: she had heard of the party and their development of Magnamare. She knew of a great sadness awakening but was not expecting it from the west and Magnamare. She didn’t like the darkness clinging to some of the party members, and pronounced a doom upon the Asmodee Savant called Alagastor after an unworthy insult of the noble dragon by the idiot boy. After such an insult, the dragon left disgusted with the Party.

After winter, one imagines the dragon flies up to higher climates to hunt.

The following month, Boris Petrovich, Zalathes Leveda and a few fey travelled to the area in search of the dragon to make peace but they found the dragon’s winter nest, in HEX 99, empty.

A large dragon was spotted in the distance around the Mountains that dominate the region.

In Gozran 4714, Sergeant Harris came to the party in Hartlake with news of a giant bird taking livestock from HEX 110. Tales of two rocs being kept in check by a silver dragon seemed relevant. The party set off to investigate and eventually found a very black single roc on 24th Gozran in HEX 126. The roc spoke with Zalathes Leveda who flew off alone with the bird to find ‘Silverstrike’. After a long travel, Zalathes and the roc arrived at a beautiful mountain plateau in HEX 132 where all the stolen cattle were grazing peacefully. The roc had brought them as food for his friend the silver dragon.

Zalathes discovered the horrific truth: the beautiful noble creature had been killed by a hideous huge black dragon with a seemingly potent acid that got through the silver dragon’s usual defences against such attack. As well as the molten headless body of Amvarean, Zalathes found a huge black dragon scale and 20 gp.

The party has sworn to defeat the evil dragon and return the head of the silver dragon to its lair.