Archdruid of Puissant Power


Arch druid of puissant power who bravely fought the works of Lamashtu on his own. He was also mentor to Zalathes Leveda.

Evidence of his whereabouts was thin and Zalathes had been told

‘Do not follow the path I am walking – you cannot join me in the battle against the Dark Mistress’.

He was seen by Garuum several months before we found him at the Stag Lord’s . His name was also carved into the stump of a slaughtered unicorn’s horn in a hand very similar to his own: this was extremely worrying causing some of the party to infer he had killed the unicorn, which Zalathes railed against. Yet it was true – his soul had been corrupted by Lamashtu and then by Gyronna. ‘May Erastil have mercy for such treachery’, Zalathes thought and that prayer was answered.

A final bitter revelation came in the final battle with the Stag Lord: the bandit was actually Narlmastis’ son, Zith, turned evil. What pain this must have caused.

We pieced together that: He went to do battle with Lamashtu, was tricked by Gyronna, and lost the battle. She crushed his soul and made him do unspeakable things to those he should protect. He then went mad, as one would, and was put to rest by the party with due reverence, and hopefully his soul is settled. We scattered his ashes at the lost Temple of Erastil. There was, unfortunately then, no sign of his thylacine animal companion, Millit.

After rescuing Millit from the Stone Circle, the avatar of Erastil thanked us and stated Narlmastis’ soul had been kept within Millit and would now be taken to Restov for reincarnation.

Post Reincarnation

Narlmastis is recovering very slowly. He is not himself, and may never be. His magic seems to have failed him, but his skills with nature are still strong, so he can help prepare the new site for the Ancient Circle of Druids.