session 55

the grand old duke of yore

Littletown in Pitax land destroyed
Lots and lots of tooing and frooing
planar binding of loyal devils to act as messengers
sending your armies hither and thither
alerts sent to all your enclaves

kill a Taiga giant on an elf hunt!

paid off or defeated a number of enemy armies
raise dead on the dead green dragon

a sudden calm upon the land
kingdom building
a secondary council set up in case the party are ever away

finished off Kob the hill giant + dispersed his army (nearly got an assassin death-strike in)

rapid tour of the kingdom to up morale etc

met Ilora Nuski, ranger and leader of the defeated river razors
see has much lore on the western lands
-pointed out the wyvern queen and iluthiak the black dragons lair
-says the castle of knives, that touches other worlds has been more visible and apparent lately in the thousand voice wood
-thousand voice can drive you insane with its noises
-she has agreed to meet you back in hartlake for some ale at some point
-apparently the law on how many wives a Magnamaran can have are going to change!



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