session 47

The Party Party

The Rushlight Tournament

Fine menagerie of mostly dinosaurs and magical beasts, run by a very fine lady sorcerer called. Madame Duclarion and her hulking handlers, the 8 Brothers Ohka ( male ogres),

Found and finished a ruse by 10 x Darkened Naga, wearing symbols of the great naga Ngara (whom you have slain) and another whom the party can not yet name. No Pitax citizen or soldier died, earning the party great renown

Some Gozreh / Tree of Stars druids observing to see the balance is kept

Much shopping and collection fine wares

Your contact is Martin the Herald

Quest to kill a hill giant, + spot any cheating

Party individuals won the firework tourney, and got good honours in the summoned monster wrestling match

Learned details and competitors in the first two royal tournaments, archery and wood chopping

Met King Irrovetti, he is an impressive figure, having carved a kingdom near single handed. He openly wares some Numerian Technology. Her is quite chatty but drove conversation away from anything to do with first world

He has many tough bodyguards but the force of his personality seesm to ensure loyalty

Cheating in the tournament seems very badly looked upon, and two thieves meet a sticky end for their crimes.

Met the slightly stressed Mayor Seline Of Mivon, who as a mere politician has a lot to juggle. He was most keen the party not be too friendly with Brevoy, but the meeting ended on good terms



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