Session 45

The performance goes down a storm

You chat with various people of import, eat fancies and even meet Nunzio, the kings herald. He has said the King Irrovetti is away seeking an end to the chaos in the land, and perhaps even finding new splendours to decorate the city and the Rushlight Tournament

You decide to pursue some faction missions!

Strolling to the docks to me a dwarf , Joravin Pyathe, who is an arbiter between all the trade houses the place is assailed by Marids. A terrible 200ft high form a bitter and twisted fey appears, and you recognise her from various visions, portents and such as Nyrrisa.

For someone in the middle the arbiter was rather free with info and the party decide to assail the most despicable trade house, Strocalle, while hatching a plan to either blame Cattaneis OR outsiders influence like Cheliax

You will check out the Rose Tower, but first go a meet a man called Featane? About the days codes. He is a were rat but for a small price tells you codes

The party then stealth/invisible/dimension door to the remote abandoned light house that is the rose tower.

In a lower exit (smugglers hidey hole) you find a recently trashed cart and some bodies with their throats perfectly cut [i]mass hold person plus dagger CDG?[/i] and some coffins.
You use the codes to get passed the frankly not very good guard and then embark on an epic battle where both sides got to buff to the max

4 fighters and a priestess of Gyronna. Dangerous fight, made more so by involvement of 4 Mohrgs of long dead barbarians

Cleric escapes

Find some journals and maps. Yet to do full search OR healing (?)

It appears Pitax is to be assailed four times, each by a differing corrupted elemental power, from a variety of sources. You have already seen off what can be described as Earth and Water

the Nymph Queen Nyrissa.

The Worg riding corrupted pixies (mod encounter 4/T) let the cat out of the bag by accident, as agents of chaos do!!

You have also seen her form at least twice now

numerous mentions of ‘her’ (in alliance with She, undoubtedly Gyronna whose power base is the River Kingdoms)

both Tiressia (Female dryad druid 10) (the sort-of-queen of the fey inclusion zone and her rival-in-being-gorgeous Melianse (N Female nixie sorcerer 9)….both have said something is calling out to their ancient instincts

SO: In terms of legend Lore…..If you have only detailed information on the person, place, or thing, the casting time is 1d10 days, and the resulting lore is less complete and specific (though it often provides enough information to help you find the person, place, or thing, thus allowing a better legend lore result next time)

GM will assume this is 6 days so Cheq can do it while you don kingdom building, if he wishes?



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