Lie Ons And Tigers and Mares, oh my

Party put at end to the foul nightwing. It appears it was ‘digging a necromantic rift/tear in reality??’ (84 damage crit from Raunlph)

Explored a few more hexes (so in last few weeks 156,157,162, 183) explored

Attacked by Verderous oozes (2 x CR 11) then cause sleep, enliven plants to entangle and have an oozey touch that melts stuff

Travelled on the tiger lords trail a bit

Speartooth ambushes party will 47 stealth. Attacks ranulph with pounce and one crit….74 damage and bleeding 2d6 per round

Found various hunting parties from drelev that had tried to kill it. Lots anti-animal kit
Tracked the windchaser horses and charmed one

Cashed in various quests

The elasmasaur they thought about finding but no one had seen it for a while

Back home for tea crumpets kingdom building and council ‘debate’

And so to Pitax, the city of art and culture. Very gaudy

-Irrovetti has been there 6 years and re-organised the bandits and ne’er do wells into efficient mafia. He turned the ruling gangs around

-4 main ‘trade houses’ one in decline. Need licence to open up shops and street vendors

-CHEQ:met various people of note including the head of academy arts

-RUSLANA: appears to be a gargoyle issue. Used as guards. They get feisty. A year ago one was on a killing spree. May need to chat to head sculptur the King Irrovetti loves statues)

-MORHIRR. Cathedral to Calistria being rebuilt after falling into disrepair

-ALAGASTOR. Kept very quiet, he is sure Amsodeus would not approve of this place

-RANULPH/KJARTAN. 4 trade houses hold sway. They have locations of all 4 headquarters; basic symbols and signs of each; names families, some history. GM to post a summary.



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