Session 46

Lots of Kingdom exploration

-directed refugees home to Drelev, and the temple to the River God will be re-opened

-overcame the lies of a Coluxus herald of kindly Gyronna

-killed an Irlgaunt, (LORE:40) seeking the hidden prison. Those rare irlgaunts that do worship Rovagug often take an almost personal interest in freeing the imprisoned god, delving deep into the earth and creating new abysses covered in profane images and symbols of the monstrous deity. The hope seems to be that should enough cracks be cut into the depths, Rovagug’s prison deep beneath the surface might weaken enough for the god of destruction to break free. The futility of such efforts seems to matter little to the aberrations, which appear to care more about the symbolism of their destructive actions.

-Meet up with, and assigned a lair to 3 noble green dragons, sent by the dark powers of Law, to confront the chaos (LORE: green dragons are watchers, and will often not truly declare who side they are on till the war is nearly won…but these have been sent specifically to combat Chaos)

-Sea Serpent!! There are no more elasmosaurs as they have been eaten by this creature….unsure where it came from, but it is displayed in Drelev none-the-less

-Developed some hexes, opened the Aurumvovorax safari park, built some roads

-The Town of Southfork comes into existence

…It is 6 days until the Rushlight Festival…..


See [[Wedding of Zalathes and Kisandra]]

Session 46

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